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Window and Doors Replacement & Installation in Richmond Hill


The casement window is manufactured with a multi-point locking system design which opens easily for cleaning while sealing out air and water. The window’s door-like swinging action allows for easy cleaning and ventilation.

Awning Windows

The shape and size of awning windows are most useful in tighter spaces in the home such as above showers and kitchen sinks. Awning windows are a simple way of taking advantage of those tight spaces to increase a home’s ventilation, comfort and aesthetic

Single Slider Windows

Single Slider windows have a horizontal sliding design that are made for easy ventilation. The high performance sloped sill with both interior and exterior drainage cavities, as well as a one-inch overlap interlock system ensures heat is kept in while the weather is kept out.

Double Slider Windows

Double slider Windows are a great fit for homeowners who wish to maximize the ventilation of large areas without losing any of the aesthetic advantages of a large window. The one or two horizontal sliding sashes come in a variety of materials such as frosted glass, triple glass, Pilkington active self cleaning glass and custom leaded glass design which are not only durable but bring great detailing to homes.

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows combine durability with classic style to bring value to any home. The bottom sash tilts inward for easy cleaning and ventilation. The single hung window design reduces air leakage and retains heat to maximizing your home’s efficiency to reduce energy costs all year round.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows give homeowners duel level ventilation. The top and bottom tilting action can be easily used by any family member to make maintenance and ventilation a breeze. This classic style can bring comfort and warmth to any home.

Bay/Bow Windows

Bay Windows bring luxury and character to homes through their unique design. Bay windows are made of three stationary windows which extend outwards to bring warmth and light into the room. Available in many different sizes and designs, bay windows are ideal for homeowners who want to give their home a personal touch.


Specialty windows are a great way to bring unique features to your home. The combination of different shapes and styles of windows can give homes character while providing all the benefits of high performance and durable material.

Steel Doors

Steel Doors are made of a efficient extruded aluminum sill system which is thermally treated to eliminate the transfer of frost. Weather proof and secure, these doors are a great additional safety measure that still brings style to your home. Steel door systems are perfect for increased protection as well as defence against warping, sagging, shrinking and rotting.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are great for their durability and ability to be manufactured to appear as other materials such as wood. Unlike other materials fiberglass is corrosion free and is manufactured to resist warping, splits, bowing and cracking. These doors combine the advantages of stylish design and durable material to bring value to your home.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are made of a one inch insulated unit with Cardinal IG’s XL Edge Insulating Glass for maximum efficiency and durability. The anodized aluminum tracks and zinc plated double tandem wheels will ensure your door will stay in great condition to be enjoyed for years to come.

Storm Doors

Storm doors may come in aluminum and vinyl which are both durable and reliable materials for your home’s first layer of protection. Aluminum storm doors are manufactured with tempered safety glass and a heavy wall extruded aluminum frame making them sturdy and ready for any weather. Vinyl storm doors are made with fusion welded 45 degree corners and 90 degree aluminum angle brackets. Both doors are reliable and come in a variety of finishes and colours.

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What our clients say

See what some of our clients have said about out windows and doors products and service, across Canada

Mark Jenson

Toronto, Ontario

"I got Argon Gas filled windows through Doors Wide Open last summer. I don't really know what it is, or how it works, but I can tell you that my new windows save me money, every month! Our energy bills have come down an average of 15%! We will redo our patio and entrance doors with Doors Wide Open in the summer of 2014! Give them a call! You will be satisfied."

Richard Roe

Edmonton, Alberta

"I am a very meticulous person but with little knowledge when it comes to matching your home with the perfect windows and doors. Called in Doors Wide Open and their staff were very helpful from presenting me with the most appropriate options to getting all windows and doors securely installed to my home. My warm thanks to all the staff and personnel of Doors Wide Open. Look forward to getting more pleasant surprises next time."

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About Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is a part of the Greater Toronto Area and located in southern Ontario within York Region. It is the third most populated municipality in York Region and is roughly 20 kilometers off of Toronto’s downtown core. The Richmond Hill population is constantly expanding – attracting new families and industries in business, finance and healthcare.

The town’s motto is En la rose, je fleuris, which was inspired by the motto of the Duke of Richmond and the town’s rose growing reputation it acquired during the 20th century. For a time Richmond Hill was considered to be the rose growing capital of the Canada and although other industries have taken its place the town is still considered a central hub for commerce.

Richmond Hill is considered to be home to some of Canada’s fastest growing towns that are both rich in diversity and community. The town is filled with a great selection of sports club which are both adult and child friendly as well as summer festivals for everyone in the community.

Did you know?

Storm doors are more than just a pretty face
Storm doors are much more than just the first set of doors that greet you and visitors. Not only do Storm doors bring added security to your home, but like windows can help insulate and warm your home. They are great for adding an extra layer of defence against air leakage as well as maximizing the energy efficiency of your home through added ventilation during summer months.

Gauging the right steel door for you
When shopping for steel doors price and quality are often at the top of the list when taking into consideration which door is best suited for your home. What is often forgotten is that the gauge of a steel door should be right up as well. The higher the gauge number will equate to how thin the steel will be. Higher gauged steel that is thinner will be prone to paint chipping due to its tendency to bend and flex more versus a lower gauged steel. In today’s market steel doors are very affordable, secure and low maintenance making them a worthy investment.

Stressing out over stress cracks
The mysterious cracks in your window may not be from the neighborhood kids or a stray baseball. Changing temperatures can affect the thermal gradient of windows which may result in thermal cracks known as stress cracks. Seasonal conditions like diving evening temperatures can cause parts of the window to expand and shrink in different places. This shifting can overpower the strength of the glass and the result is a crack. Although there is no sure-fire way to prevent stress cracks, choosing thicker glass and windows appropriate for your house’s climate can help reduce your risk to stress cracks.