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Our products have attained the highest energy star ratings available to suppliers in Canada!

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Window and Doors Replacement & Installation in Owen Sound


Casement windows are popular amongst home owners that are looking for great value in an window designed for easy ventilation that will not obstruct the view. Casement windows are manufactured with LowE/Argon high performance glass which make them not only beautiful but energy efficient.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are designed for tight spaces and are manufactured from a UPVC-made non recycled PVC powder with full 7/8 insulating glass with white S-class Plus Super Spacer. These windows make ventilation easy and to maintain a comfortable atmosphere throughout the home.

Single Slider Windows

Single Slider windows are available in 2 and 3 lite combination units and have a horizontal sliding design that are made for easy ventilation. The one-inch overlap interlock system creates another barrier to protect against the elements and insulate against air infiltration.

Double Slider Windows

Double slider Windows are available in one or two horizontal sliding sashes which tilt open for maximum ventilation. The design is sturdy and made up of a multi-chambered frame with a one-inch interlock system which seals out wind and water.

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows have a practical design for both easy cleaning and ventilation. The single hung window design reduces air infiltration and keeps water out with it’s interior and exterior drainage cavities.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are are sturdy and equipped with a duel level ventilation feature that is held together by fusion welded corners. The window’s sashes tilt open for easy maintenance and are protected by a step-down frame design.

Bay/Bow Windows

Bay Windows have a unique design that brings a panoramic view feature to your home. Bow windows like bay windows are available in a number of different designs and dimensions that are custom built on site.

Steel Doors

Steel Doors can be customized to fit your specific size needs and are available in various colours and styles. All steel doors come equipped with industry leading self-draining sill designs and are low to no maintenance.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are made of high impact compression moulded fiberglass that is not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing. These doors can come in an array of designs and also have the option of being customizable to most door glass sizes and needs to fit the vision for your home.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are made with a full perimeter double and triple weather stripping and is manufactured to be not only durable but corrosion resistant. The one inch insulated unit with Cardinal IG’s XL Edge will provide energy savings and peace of mind.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are available in aluminum and vinyl. Aluminum storm doors are manufactured with a heavy wall extruded aluminum frame and tempered safety glass. Vinyl storm doors are made with a royal bond paint finish and an aluminum pre hung frame for easy installation.


Specialty windows are custom made to fit the vision of your window project. These windows are made of high performance materials such as Low-E glass and are designed to meet Energy Star standards to reduce air infiltration.

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What our clients say

See what some of our clients have said about out windows and doors products and service, across Canada

Mark Jenson

Toronto, Ontario

"I got Argon Gas filled windows through Doors Wide Open last summer. I don't really know what it is, or how it works, but I can tell you that my new windows save me money, every month! Our energy bills have come down an average of 15%! We will redo our patio and entrance doors with Doors Wide Open in the summer of 2014! Give them a call! You will be satisfied."

Richard Roe

Edmonton, Alberta

"I am a very meticulous person but with little knowledge when it comes to matching your home with the perfect windows and doors. Called in Doors Wide Open and their staff were very helpful from presenting me with the most appropriate options to getting all windows and doors securely installed to my home. My warm thanks to all the staff and personnel of Doors Wide Open. Look forward to getting more pleasant surprises next time."

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About Owen Sound

On a inlet of Georgian Bay lies the beautiful city of Owen Sound. Owen Sound can be found in the upper Great Lakes of Canada and were once the home of the Ojibway people. The city was named after Admiral Edward Owen, who was the older brother of William Fitzwilliam Owen who first surveyed the area in 1815. Since it’s inception it has been a place of rich Canadian history and beauty. Some notable treasures that have come from Owen Sound have been Billy Bishop, the first Canadian World War Fighter Ace and winner of the Victoria cross, Heather Hiscox a talented CBC news anchor and Hap Day an NHL hall of famer.

Owen Sound is also well known for it’s beautiful collection of waterfalls and popularity as a winter getaway destination. During the winter season activities such as snow shoeing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing and the Festival of Northern Lights bring both tourist and communities together to enjoy the wintery weather. The city offers something special for every resident and is considered to be one of Ontario’s most welcoming communities.

Additional Facts

Money flying out the window?
Did you know that old inefficient windows can be the root cause of up to 25% of an average household’s energy bill? Loose frames, single pane and low quality glass can all contribute to energy loss.

Beauty and the Beast
Solid wood is a great material to bring character and charm to any home, but can cost you much more than you bargained for. Although wood frames and doors are aesthetically pleasing, the life of wood products can be costly due to their need for regular maintenance and ability to expand and contract under different kinds of extreme weather. So before choosing materials remember that your home is an investment and will require care over the years.

Beauty on the inside and outside
New windows are a great way to take advantage of the beauty of the outdoors, but they can also detract from the beauty indoors unless properly treated. Professionally applied window coatings can reduce the glare from windows and help to block harmful UV rays that may fade fabrics and flooring. For more decorative ways of protecting the interior of your home fabric or wood blinds are a great solution that can increase the charm of your home.

Welcome to the future of windows with just a flick of switch
A great new way to control the amount of light that comes into your home is a suspended particle device. This nifty new gadget allows for homeowners to control the light emissions into their homes from a a dimmer switch which tint glass panes.