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Energy Efficient Products

Our products have attained the highest energy star ratings available to suppliers in Canada!

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We will beat any price you're quoted on for Windows and Doors products of comparable quality. We're confident in our quality and competitive pricing!

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$0 down 0% Interest for up to 36 Months! Need we say more? Call us and learn more about our financing options.

Window and Doors Replacement & Installation in North Bay

Low/High Profile Fixed Window Installation

The Low/High Profile Fixed Window is a good window type for areas requiring lots of natural light because it is a fixed, non-opening window. You can customize many different features of this window, including the frame, glass, finish as well as color

Casement Window Installation

Casement Windows are door-like in the sense that they are hinged at the side and swing open. You can choose one or more hinges, depending on your project’s needs. The interior and exterior of this window are fade resistant and corrosion resistant

Specialty (Curved) Window Installation

Specialty curved windows help to illuminate your home and add a sense of warmth. This non-opening window is great for areas requiring natural light. It is available in anti-rust as well as fade resistant finishes

Specialty (Oval, Circle, Half-Circle) Window Installation

A gorgeous window style, the Specialty (Oval, Circle, Half-Circle) Window can be constructed with vinyl or fiberglass. Both of these options are long-lasting and are very durable

Specialty (Polygon) Window Installation

The Specialty Polygon Window can add a sense of comfort to your home. They are made to be well insulated and are designed with intuitive locking systems. You can customize this window with different colors, finishes and accessories

Glider Window Installation

Glider Windows are also popularly known as Slider or Sliding Windows. They are designed to open and close seamlessly with little to no effort. They require minimal upkeep and provide a lot of value

Lift & Slide Door Installation

Lift and Slide Doors are popular for their simple and effortless design. This door style can be customized with your choice of rain deflectors, door linings, frames and door linings

Swinging French Door Installation

Swinging French Doors are constructed with strips and seals to cover the gaps in your door. This helps to prevent air from seeping in or o. The beautiful appearance of this door will add a touch of sophistication to your home.

Standard Swinging Screen Door installation

Standard Swinging Screen Doors are constructed with PCA or real wood. This door is an excellent solution for shielding the entryway to your home. You can choose from a number of colors and finishes

Hinged Patio Door Installation

This resilient and sleek door design is an excellent solution as a door for your patio. Offering great value, this door is equipped with Low-E glass and is very easy to clean

Bi-Fold Door Installation

With its folding design to help economize on space, the Bi-Fold Door is the perfect solution for areas with limited room. You can choose from multiple panel options, inserts, finishes and colors

French Hinged Patio Door Installation

The French Hinged Patio door is a beautiful, traditional French style but with modern practicality. It is made of state-of-the-art performance materials, which are durable and easy for upkeep. You can customize this door to your liking with many different options

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What our clients say

See what some of our clients have said about out windows and doors products and service, across Canada

Mark Jenson

Toronto, Ontario

"I got Argon Gas filled windows through Doors Wide Open last summer. I don't really know what it is, or how it works, but I can tell you that my new windows save me money, every month! Our energy bills have come down an average of 15%! We will redo our patio and entrance doors with Doors Wide Open in the summer of 2014! Give them a call! You will be satisfied."

Richard Roe

Edmonton, Alberta

"I am a very meticulous person but with little knowledge when it comes to matching your home with the perfect windows and doors. Called in Doors Wide Open and their staff were very helpful from presenting me with the most appropriate options to getting all windows and doors securely installed to my home. My warm thanks to all the staff and personnel of Doors Wide Open. Look forward to getting more pleasant surprises next time."

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About North Bay

North Bay is a Canadian city located on the Northeastern side of the province of Ontario with a population of 53,651. The city’s name is based on its positioning on the Lake Nipissing shore. Before the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1882, there was very little activity in the city.

The city, in its early days was a railway town and then slowly developed its lumber and mining industry. During the Great Depression, the Dionne Quintuplets saved the city. Born in 1934, they brought in an unprecedented amount of tourism that helped to keep the city alive. The tourists that came to see the quintuplets discovered North Bay’s natural attractions and helped to grow the city’s economy.

North Bay is one of the more economically balanced Northern Ontario communities. The largest employers of the city are public sector, which includes education, health and government. Nippissing University brings in students from across Canada. These students usually desire a more peaceful learning environment than the larger Ontario universities. Their presence positively impacts North Bay’s economy.

The city’s culture and arts scene is thriving with a strong community of musicians, actors, writers and artists. The program “Studio 2” on TVOntario put North Bay on the list of top three most artistically talented communities in Ontario.

Additional Facts

The government is on your side when it comes to making your home green!
Green is in. Everyone is playing his or her part in helping out to make the future a better place. This includes your government. Buying or installing an energy-efficient window or door can be expensive in the short-term, but are much better long-term for your wallet and Mother Nature. Depending on where you live, there may be rebates and/or grants to help you out with your home renovation project. Take some time to do a bit of research. It may be worth your time.

Watch out for wood!
Out of all the building materials available for you to choose from, wood is by far the most commonly used. The reason for its popularity is because it’s a great insulator, which helps during the colder months, is easy to customize and is generally quite durable. All of this, of course depends on if the wood is properly maintained. Because of its organic nature, it’s susceptible to changes in weather. Dryness and moisture can shrink, warp or cause rotting. Your beautiful wooden window or door might fall apart if neglected. Fiberglass is now often chosen as a substitute for wood because of its weather resistance and durability.

Your windows and doors will affect your property value
Consider what the needs of your home are. Do you foresee living in your home for many years? Or are you planning to move out some time soon? These questions will help with your decision-making on which styles would best suit your home. As a guideline, more traditional style choices do well when selling, mostly because they allow for whoever is buying to project their own vision onto the house, which translates to an easier sell. If you decide that you want your home to be eccentric, realize that only you or a small group of people may enjoy your style choices. If you want to know more about what window or door style is best for your home, make a list of questions for your contractor. A professional should help clarify your concerns.