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Our products have attained the highest energy star ratings available to suppliers in Canada!

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Window and Doors Replacement & Installation in Mississauga

Low/High Profile Fixed Window Installation

The Low/High Profile Fixed window is available in custom shapes and styles. You have the option of combining this window with other types for a personalized touch. Decorative grilles in Victorian, Colonial and England styles available

Casement Window Installation

The Casement Window is ideal for areas with a garden because they let a lot of natural light flow in. This window is equipped with a handle that allows you to open and close the pane in a relaxed motion

Specialty (Curved) Window Installation

Customize your home to meet your needs with the Specialty (Curved) Window. This window is easy to identify with its beautiful curved shape. This is a fixed window type, meaning it does not open

Specialty (Oval, Circle, Half-Circle) Window Installation

The Oval, Circle, Half-Circle Window can be combined with other window products depending on the layout of your home and your personal preferences. The PVC-u vinyl frames are made tough and are easy to maintain

Glider Window Installation

Glider Windows are highly customizable with endless possibilities for color, finishes and materials. You can choose real wood interiors in oak, maple or pine. This window can also compliment picture windows to add extra personality to your home

Double-Hung Window Installation

The Single-Hung window is a classic design but with modern features. It is constructed with noise reduction glass, insulated panes and screens that are removable with pull-tabs

Lift & Slide Door Installation

Lift and Slide Doors are commonly used as patio doors and in home with sizeable entry door space with terraces, decks and yards. They allow clear viewing of the outside. They are suitable for villas, luxury homes, condos and bungalows

Swinging French Door Installation

With the Swinging French Door, you have the choice of in-swing or out-swing, depending on the layout of your home and personal preference. For frame materials, you can choose from fiberglass or vinyl, both of which are low-maintenance and very durable

Standard Swinging Screen Door installation

The Standard Swinging Screen Door is made of aluminum, has a fiberglass insect screen and is offered in standard sizes. This door is a great DIY option because it is easy to install with simple, straightforward instructions

Hinged Patio Door Installation

The Hinged Patio Door is made to resist extreme weather conditions. It is very well insulated which can save you a lot of money on energy bills for heating during the winter months. The aluminum construct of this door is cost-effective and durable, giving you the best value for your home

Bi-Fold Door Installation

The Bi-Fold Door is fitting for closet doors, shower doors and interiors. They are also great for tighter areas, basements, laundry rooms and storage areas. This door is available in raised molding and wood finishes

French Hinged Patio Door Installation

French Hinged Patio Doors are a classy door style that is sure to turn heads. You can open these doors fully and have an unobstructed view of the outdoors without any centered frames. There is a great selection of materials, grilles and stains for you to choose from

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What our clients say

See what some of our clients have said about out windows and doors products and service, across Canada

Mark Jenson

Toronto, Ontario

"I got Argon Gas filled windows through Doors Wide Open last summer. I don't really know what it is, or how it works, but I can tell you that my new windows save me money, every month! Our energy bills have come down an average of 15%! We will redo our patio and entrance doors with Doors Wide Open in the summer of 2014! Give them a call! You will be satisfied."

Richard Roe

Edmonton, Alberta

"I am a very meticulous person but with little knowledge when it comes to matching your home with the perfect windows and doors. Called in Doors Wide Open and their staff were very helpful from presenting me with the most appropriate options to getting all windows and doors securely installed to my home. My warm thanks to all the staff and personnel of Doors Wide Open. Look forward to getting more pleasant surprises next time."

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About Mississauga

Mississauga is a Canadian city located in the southern part of the province of Ontario with a population of 713,443. The city’s prosperity is due to its close proximity to Toronto. Mississauga was originally developed as a suburb, but eventually started to become a distinct entity apart from Toronto, with a complete downtown core.

The city is home to the Toronto Pearson International Airport, which is the busiest airport in Canada. Many major corporations such as General Electric, Gilead Sciences, Pitney Bowes, Pepsi, Honeywell, Dupont, Ecolab, Microsoft, Ryder, Prologis, Mattell and Amgen have their headquarters in Mississauga.

The name Mississauga comes from the Algonquian Mississaugas First Nations group. This tribe was originally from the Georgian Bay area and relocated to the Credit River area. The Township of Toronto purchased 84,000 acres of land from the Mississaugas tribe. In 2010, the tribe was compensated $145,000,000 for their land and lost income.

The city is a rapidly growing and is extremely diverse. Roughly 52% of the population speaks a 2nd language, more than half are of visible minority.

Mississauga hosts many notable events and festivities including the Canada Day Celebration, Mississauga Rotary Ribfest, Carassauga, Tree Lighting Ceremony and New Years’ Eve Bash. Culture specific events are also held in the city, usually in the Celebration Square, including Viet Summerfest, Fiesta Ng Kalayaan and Muslimfest.

Additional Facts

Wood is great, but so is fiberglass!
Wood is an ancient building material, used by our ancestors and still one of the most popular today. What makes it so great is its flexibility, it’s a porous material that breathes and stretches. This is a great thing and a bad thing. If wood is maintained, it can last a very long time and can endure all sorts of weather conditions. It is a great insulator so it does a good job at keeping in heat during winter. It also has a beautiful appearance that can be customized to your heart’s desire. Wood though, is also susceptible to warping, shrinking and rotting over time if it isn’t looked after. It can also be quite expensive depending on what type of wood you’re using. Fiberglass has come a long way as a building material and is now a common alternative to real wood because of its warp, shrink and fire resistance. It can also be fashioned to look convincingly like real wood!

It’s important to inspect your windows and doors!
This is more important for windows and doors that are made of wood. If your home goes through extreme temperature changes, hot summers and cold winters, the wood in your home will go through some big changes as well. The dry winter months tend to dry out wood, whereas the summer months soak them up with moisture. This continuous cycle can lead to cracking of the wood or them ending up deformed. Regular inspection of your windows and doors can help you see if they are still working effectively and whether or not you need to make some repairs.

Ask for a detailed quote from your contractor!
When it comes to finding the right contractor, don’t be left in the dark, ask for a breakdown of the project to see where your money is going. If a contractor throws a big number at you, it’s hard to know how they are budgeting that money. Kindly ask them to review certain areas you don’t understand clearly. If a contractor seems to be spending too much on a certain area, check with several other contractors to see if there’s a similarity in spending. Doing this can save you a fortune and can ensure that you and the contractor are aware of the expectations of the project.