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Energy Efficient Products

Our products have attained the highest energy star ratings available to suppliers in Canada!

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We will beat any price you're quoted on for Windows and Doors products of comparable quality. We're confident in our quality and competitive pricing!

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$0 down 0% Interest for up to 36 Months! Need we say more? Call us and learn more about our financing options.

Window and Doors Replacement & Installation in Kitchener

Low/High Profile Fixed Window Installation

These are windows that do not open – they are fixed. High/low profile windows have an internal drainage system and lend themselves for instalment with other window combinations like Casement Windows

Casement Window Installation

These are door-like windows that swing open to let in plenty of fresh air. Casement windows have Triple Weather Seal and Continuous Perimeter Sash Seal and multi point hardware

Specialty (Curved) Window Installation

This style is sure to please the interior designer in you. It is elegantly shaped and it comes in a range of colors and materials that help create custom designs. Choose from an array of interior/exterior colors, finishes and materials

Specialty (Oval, Circle, Half-Circle) Window Installation

These beautiful windows come with a push bar stay. Half-circle windows can be installed to complement already existing windows

Specialty (Polygon) Window Installation

These are energy efficient windows with a distinctly modern design. Exterior and interior finishes are available

Glider Window Installation

Among some of the standard features of the Gliding Windows are the bare wood exterior and extruded aluminum clad exterior. A sash removal system for easier cleaning and insulated glass. It is available in natural oak, pine or maple interiors and a choice of ten finishing options

Double Hung Window Installation

Our Double Hung window meets our Coastal Stormwatch and Superior PG Performance standards. . It is available in natural oak, pine or maple interiors and a choice of ten finishing options

Single Hung Window Installation

This classic window is engineered with eco-friendly sustainable materials and low emissivity glass for improved thermal performance. The single hung window can be custom or monumental sized

Lift & Slide Door Installation

Available with Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) bars that permanently adhere to both sides of the glass. Removable grilles on the interior are solid wood. Customization to allow you to create divided lite patterns according to your home design and vision

Swinging French Door Installation

These doors have a European look and flair and they come in an amazing range of specialty glass options. Green Tint, Bronze Tint, Obscure, Laminated White, are some of the glass options to choose from

Standard Swinging Screen Door Installation

Thick metal frame and cladding offer sturdiness for this aluminum door with die cast handles. Choose from a variety of colour options

Hinged Patio Door Installation

Choose from a variety of exterior and interior options like glazing, trims and screens. This door is available in 1 3/4″ thick panel or 2 1/4″ thick panel for a sturdier door

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What our clients say

See what some of our clients have said about out windows and doors products and service, across Canada

Mark Jenson

Toronto, Ontario

"I got Argon Gas filled windows through Doors Wide Open last summer. I don't really know what it is, or how it works, but I can tell you that my new windows save me money, every month! Our energy bills have come down an average of 15%! We will redo our patio and entrance doors with Doors Wide Open in the summer of 2014! Give them a call! You will be satisfied."

Richard Roe

Edmonton, Alberta

"I am a very meticulous person but with little knowledge when it comes to matching your home with the perfect windows and doors. Called in Doors Wide Open and their staff were very helpful from presenting me with the most appropriate options to getting all windows and doors securely installed to my home. My warm thanks to all the staff and personnel of Doors Wide Open. Look forward to getting more pleasant surprises next time."

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About Kitchener

Formerly known as The City of Berlin (until 1916), Kitchener is part of the regional municipality of Waterloo, Ontario. With a population of approximately 220,000 Kitchener is the tenth largest Census Metropolitan Area in Canada. In June 2012 the city celebrated its one hundredth birthday.

Kitchener took its former name from the early immigrants who were mostly from Germany and Switzerland. However in the period that preceded and followed WWI the rising anti-German sentiment led to a rapid cultural change that saw a switch from German to Anglophone culture and institutions. The cultural heritage abandoned its German roots and made a shift toward its Dutch ancestry. Today the layout of the city is unlike that of other Candian cities, it is a complex radial pattern that reflects Kitchener’s German roots.

The city’s motto, Ex industria prosperitas (Latin for Prosperity through industry) reflects a strong manufacturing sector that employs roughly 21% of its labour force.

Kitchener is known for its historical farmers’ market known for its local producers and international cuisine. A modern version of the historical market was reopened in 2004.

An interesting fact is that the city of Kitchener is credited with being the first (in the world!) to launch the blue box recycling program back in 1981.

Did You Know?

The Highs and Lows of Emissions
Let’s talk about Low-E glass. What is it? Simply put Low-Emission glass is coated with a special film or coating that limits the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through. Solar energy is made up of three distinct parts: infrared, ultraviolet (UV) and visible light. The UV rays are responsible for fading objects through prolonged exposure to the sun. Low-E glass was engineered to reduce the amount of UV light that passes through a window without compromising light. This may certainly help extend the life of your home furnishing, fabrics, and so forth.

Why do windows sweat?
We have all seen the vapour that accumulates on windows inside our homes, but how many of us wonder why this happens and what we can do to prevent this? Our windows “sweat” when there is excess moisture in the air and the vapour or water comes into contact with a cooler temperature, for example a hot, steamy bathroom after a shower will cause vapour to form on the windows on a cold day. Over the long run excess condensation can potentially cause mould. To reduce the amount of moisture in the air use fans, humidifiers or air out the area by opening windows to let out moisture and increase ventilation.

Nothing lasts forever
It’s no secret that nothing lasts forever, this is true of construction materials and property. When you’re deciding on a mind-boggling array of choices for your home window projects you should take several factors into consideration. Materials (both frames and doors/windows), climactic factors (extreme temperatures, hot/cold, humidity), location (if you live near the ocean over time salt can corrode certain materials), budget, care and maintenance (you would be surprised to learn that many home owners rarely if ever clean windows and frames), quality of construction or work. Although a window and frame can potentially last up to fifty years, the choices of window materials commercially available today are subject to the wear and decay of time and the elements. These are all factors to consider when you’re investing time and money in your home window replacement or renovation.